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Bus Accidents

Cappetta Law Offices offers comprehensive representation in personal injury law, including all types of motor vehicle accidents . With offices in Natick and Framingham, Cappetta Law Offices is dedicated to providing high quality legal services to injury victims across Massachusetts. The initial consultation is always free and attorneys' fees are contingent upon your recovery. That means you pay nothing unless I obtain compensation on your behalf .

Bus Accidents in Traffic

Bus accidents occur with some frequency in Massachusetts and other states. Due to their large size and weight, buses involved in accidents can cause major damage. Other motorists may notice that bus drivers do not have to wait for an opening, but can "muscle" their way back into traffic after a stop. But when a bus stops or blocks other traffic in an accident, the ensuing jam can extend for miles. That is why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants to prevent bus accidents and protect their passengers. The dangers commonly associated with buses include:

  • Rollovers, jackknife
  • Side impact collisions
  • Defects in vehicle parts
  • Trouble loading cargo
  • Passenger disturbance
  • Blocking view of traffic
  • Lowered visibility, blind spots
Accidental Injuries in the Vehicle

Buses provide the most useful means of public transit to Massachusetts' diverse population and visitors. From young children and sports teams to tourists and elders, buses transport millions of people to countless destinations each day. They include yellow school buses, public buses, specific shuttles, and even medical vans. But in addition to dangers in traffic, buses are also prone to accidents that take place inside the vehicle. Unfortunately, not all passengers behave as they should or acclimate in time to the ride. Accidents in buses often involve:

  • Slip-and-fall injuries
  • Folding, closing doors
  • Falls on entry/exit steps
  • Sudden stops, acceleration
  • Blocked aisles, broken seats
  • Balance poles, overhead grips
  • Driver or third-party negligence
  • Problems with wheelchairs, walkers
Bus Accidents Caused by Negligent Driving

In multiple-car collisions involving buses, there is usually at least one party at fault. Motorists have a general duty to safely operate their vehicles to avoid injuring others. But drivers often forget these duties in their hurry to get around buses. When they breach this duty, causing an accidental injury, at-fault drivers are liable in damages to the victims. Collisions between buses and cars can be caused by various types of negligent driving, including:

  • DUI, intoxication
  • Texting, distractions
  • Cutting in front of buses
  • Turning from behind a bus
  • Passing while bus unloading
  • Speeding through school zone
Commercial Carrier Liability for Negligent Bus Drivers

Buses, trucks, and other large vehicles are "commercial" vehicles requiring a commercial driver's license (CDL) to operate. Requirements to obtain and maintain a CDL are different. Bus drivers must pass rigorous training, maintenance inspections, and even periodic drug screenings to keep a CDL. They must also keep a log of total hours driven and report them to the relevant authority. Federal and state laws govern the issuance, suspension, and revocation of CDLs. They also make the "commercial carrier" liable for any negligent acts of the driver. This means that, in addition to the driver, injured victims may also have a cause of action against the employer, business, or entity that hired the driver. The parties' insurance carriers are likewise liable.

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