Dog Bites

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Dog Bite Injuries

Nearly 5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. Over 90 percent of all attacks involve male dogs that are not neutered. Of the 800,000 bites requiring medical attention, approximately 25 percent were caused by restrained dogs. Unrestrained dogs contribute to about the same proportion of fatalities when they are off the owner’s property; they cause substantially more damage on the premises. In fact, loose dogs account for 60 percent of human deaths when they are on the owner’s property. Dogs are territorial and more aggressive on their own turf.

Protect Your Children

Young children suffer the vast majority of bite-related injuries. More than 80 percent of all dog bites involve children under 15. Bite rates increase exponentially between the ages of 5 and 9. Left unsupervised, newborn babies are 370 times more likely than adults to be killed by a dog. In order to prevent dog bite injuries, it is important to educate your children. It is also essential to research breed characteristics before buying a family pet. The record number of shelters and euthanized dogs is a testament to owner negligence. Refusing to spay or neuter a pet also increases the number of unknown litters roaming the streets, increasing the likelihood of bites.

Preventing Dog Bite Injuries

Parents can prevent 88 percent of bite-related injuries by simply supervising their children. Adults must also do their part to properly supervise their pets. America’s billion-dollar pet industry continues to grow, indicating that dogs are here to stay. As such, it is important to know how to prevent dog bites. Whether you own a dog or not, you will eventually have to deal with one. This is why you should be informed of negligent human acts that cause bite-related injuries:

  • Taunting, mistreatment
  • Approaching unknown dog
  • Failure to train, socialize pet
  • Shouting, aggressive gestures
  • Sudden movements, eye contact
  • Lack of exercise, attention to pet
  • Improperly tethering aggressive dog

Because dogs tend to attack the extremities, many trainers suggest rolling into a ball if attacked to protect your arms, legs, hands, and feet from injury.

Dog Owners and Premises Liability

Dog owners who are unaware of their dog’s aggression are clearly negligent. Whether the ignorance is true or feigned, it does not excuse the owner from liability. Under premises liability law, dogs are considered a “dangerous condition” on property. Owners therefore have a legal duty to protect neighbors and invitees from dangerous pets. Rather than leashing an aggressive canine, which causes the dog to be more aggressive, owners should properly fence the yard. When guests are on the property, the owner must take additional precautions to isolate the pet. Dog owners breach their duty to others by allowing dogs to roam loose or unleashed. They are therefore liable for any injuries that result. Owners must pay for all costs related to the bite.

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