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Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are serious and painful injuries that can substantially alter a person’s quality of life. Knee injuries come in many forms and can be sustained in many ways. Car accidents, sports accidents, slip and falls, and construction accidents are just some of the ways a person can injure his or her knee. Knee injuries can result in a torn ACL, torn meniscus, broken knee cap, or even arthritis. Knee injuries that occur during a person’s youth can remain an issue throughout the rest of the person’s life. They can require surgery, physical therapy, and a great deal of money spent on prescriptions to manage the pain.

Torn ligaments, such as a torn ACL, are painful injuries that can result in long-lasting knee problems. They can substantially impair a person’s ability to play sports or enjoy life. They can also require surgery and long-term rehabilitative care. These injuries can be expenses and cause a person to miss work, resulting in lost wages. Arthritis is a condition that requires long-term treatment and can also impair a person’s ability to do many activities. Some knee injuries can require a person to even undergo a knee transplant surgery. No matter what kind of knee injury you sustain, medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses can pile up and appear insurmountable. Having a Massachusetts knee injury attorney on your side can be a great relief and help ease the burden you are facing.

When a knee injury is a result of someone else’s negligence, the expenses that result from that injury can be ameliorated by receiving monetary compensation to cover them. Knee injuries can result from accidents at work, construction sites, the MBTA, or a car or sports accident. Driver negligence, unmarked construction zones, or faulty MBTA equipment can cause you to receive painful and long-lasting injuries through no fault of your own. Often, compensation can be received from the other party’s insurance company. Insurance agents may seem like they are there to help you, but they actually have many reasons to want to pay as little as possible. Having a Massachusetts knee injury attorney representing you can be very helpful. An attorney can negotiate with insurance companies and other parties to ensure you receive the compensation you need to cover your expenses. When needed, a Massachusetts knee injury attorney can fight on your behalf in a courtroom.

Attorney Dan Cappetta is a Massachusetts knee injury attorney who you can talk to about your unique situation during a free consultation. Attorney Cappetta is a skilled lawyer who can fight for you. Attorney Cappetta has years of experience in Massachusetts courtrooms and is not afraid to negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get the help you need for your knee injury. Contact Attorney Cappetta today.