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Marlborough Car Accident Lawyer

Located in Middlesex County, the city of Marlborough, Massachusetts is one of the larger municipalities in the commonwealth, with the 2010 United States Census reporting a population of 38,499. Marlborough is situated near the intersection of several major interstate highways, including the Massachusetts Turnpike, Interstate 490, and Interstate 290. In recent years, Marlborough has become an industrial center for specialized electronics and high technology. For this reason, thousands of people commute to Marlborough on a daily basis to go to work at technology corporations such as Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, 3Com, Raytheon, and many more.

Because so many people use the interstate highways to commute in and out of Marlborough every day, the risk of car accidents has increased in and around the city. Some of the following negligent behaviors put motorists at a particularly high risk of car accidents:

  • Distracted driving—Though Massachusetts law prohibits texting while driving, many professionals continue to attempt to multitask in the car and use their hand-held devices to send texts, emails, or other instant messages. Additionally, studies show that even those drivers who use hands-free technology can be substantially distracted.
  • Aggressive driving—When people commute on a regular basis, they often sit through rush hours and traffic jams. Such traffic obstacles can make people impatient and frustrated, especially if they are running late. Such impatience can escalate into dangerous aggressive driving behaviors such as speeding, tailgating, cutting off other cars, dangerous lane changes, and more.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs—Every driver should be aware that drinking and driving is against the law and puts all other motorists on the road at extreme risk of accidents and injuries. However, many residents and commuters continue to drink and get behind the wheel on a regular basis.
  • Violating traffic laws—Traffic laws are put into place to keep motorists safe, and any time a driver violates these laws, he or she puts all other motorists in danger. Speeding, running red lights, failing to yield, and other unlawful driving behaviors are a common cause of accidents in and around Marlborough.

These are, of course, only some examples of negligence that cause car accidents. Marlborough car accident attorney Daniel Cappetta and the team of lawyers he works with know how to handle all types of car accidents caused by negligence so that victims receive the compensation they deserve.

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