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MBTA Accidents and Injuries

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) was established in 1964 and serves as the official mass transit system for the Massachusetts. The MBTA serves a growing list of cities and towns. The MBTA offers a subway, commuter rail, buses, trains and ferry boats for the public. A vast array of people ride the "T" in Massachusetts. Whether you ride the T on a daily basis or only on occasion, the potential risk of injury is high. Numerous accidents have occurred on MBTA premises and can occur whether you are riding the subway, bus, commuter rail or a ferry boat. MBTA injuries can occur on a bus, train or boat, but can also occur on any MBTA property. These injuries can happen because of unsafe conditions, and the MBTA is liable for injuries on their premises caused by their negligence and failure to properly maintain their property and equipment. An injury can occur in an MBTA train station on a platform or stairs, or can occur due to dangerous doors, entryways, and exits.

MBTA accidents can result in injuries that require substantial medical attention, missed work, and even long-term or rehabilitative care. MBTA accidents and injuries can be quite severe and even cause death. These medical bills, lost wages, and rehabilitative care can add up and create a heavy financial burden. If you have an injury that occurred on MBTA property, you may be entitled to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and even pain and suffering. Injuries and death as a result of MBTA accidents can create a devastating financial situation for victims and their families. The compensation victims could receive can make the tragic aftermath of MBTA injuries at least somewhat more manageable.

In addition to being expensive, MBTA accidents and injuries can lead to confusing paperwork and complex negotiations. If you have been injured on MBTA premises, you need an MBTA accidents and injuries attorney to represent you and your interests. Insurance companies at-fault parties may treat you like it's your fault that you were injured, even when the injuries are due to another's negligence and failure to properly maintain equipment and property. MBTA accidents and injuries Attorney Cappetta is a lawyer who is dedicated to his clients and understands that his clients' injuries can be painful and life-changing.

Attorney Cappetta personally handles his clients' cases through settlement negotiations and trial. He helps guide his clients through the complex process of recovering what they are owed and getting back to their lives. Attorney Cappetta is never too busy to respond to his clients in a timely manner. He invites you to contact him for a free consultation where he will discuss your case with you and answer your questions to determine what compensation you may be able to receive to pay your medical bills and recover your lost wages and other damages. If you hire Attorney Cappetta, you will have a dedicated lawyer on your side who will negotiate and advocate for your interests. Contact Attorney Cappetta today if you have been injured on MBTA premises.