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Medical Malpractice

Cappetta Law Offices protects the rights of personal injury victims harmed by medical malpractice and other instances of negligence. We are dedicated to offering you around-the-clock service at no up-front cost to you. Daniel J. Cappetta promptly answers any inquiries, provides complimentary consultations, and charges no attorney’s fees unless he wins your case. Rest assured that you pay nothing until you receive a monetary award.

Mistakes in Patient Care

Medical malpractice refers to mistakes made by medical professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Health care providers are not immune from personal injury liability. In fact, they are held to a higher standard of care with regard to the duty they owe patients. Like other professionals, their performance and ethical conduct are monitored by state licensing boards like the American Medical Association. If they fall below the required standard of care, physicians are liable to medical malpractice suits. Doctors are therefore required to carry substantial sums of malpractice insurance to protect against liability in the event of an accident.

Negligence in Hospitals and Clinics

Anticipating complications is not an easy task. Properly diagnosing patients and taking reasonable steps to treat the patient often requires a battery of tests and careful monitoring. Any misstep could result in a severe decline in the patient’s health. Negligent care may involve:

  • Ignorance of patient history
  • Failure to order relevant tests
  • Improper administration of drugs
  • Delayed response to patient distress
  • Dilatory transfer to emergency facility
  • Charging for services never performed
  • Deprivation of food, hydration, basic care
  • Improper charting, monitoring of vital signs
  • Allergic reaction, side effects, overmedicating
  • Elder abuse or neglect in skilled nursing facilities
  • Rotating staff and heavy employee turn-around are recipes for disaster. Yet this is how most hospitals and convalescent homes must function in order to provide around-the-clock care. The chances of missing orders, “mass” charting, and overlapping duties are alarmingly common.

    Patient Harm Caused by Medical Malpractice

    Patients depend on physicians to help them understand their illness and alleviate their pain. Doctors and pharmacists must warn patients of potential side effects of medication and ensure there is no adverse reaction to medications the patient already takes. Surgeons must likewise receive the informed consent of patients undergoing operations, warning them of the risks that accompany each procedure. Even slight errors in dosage and treatment can be fatal. Injuries caused by negligent medical treatment include:

    • Gangrene, amputation
    • Bedsores, open wounds
    • Chronic infection, sepsis
    • Malnutrition, dehydration
    • Coma or loss of consciousness
    • Permanent scarring, disfigurement
    • Impaired motor, cognitive function
    • Delayed healing, worsened condition

    Although most patients recover, some injuries prove fatal. Mistakes during delivery, for example, may cause conditions like cerebral and Erb’s palsy that permanently impair a child’s motor skills. Negligence in elderly care can cause severe dehydration and deprive the patient of vital nutrients essential to their survival. In fact, the most common cause of death among nursing home patients is not their condition, but untreated urinary tract infections and other preventable accidents.

    Ask a Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer About Medical Malpractice Liability

    If you or a loved one was injured by negligent medical care, contact Massachusetts medical malpractice lawyer Daniel J. Cappetta today. Attorney Cappetta is a knowledgeable personal injury attorney dedicated to helping you recover compensation for injuries. As the victim, you may be entitled to compensation for past and future medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. Cappetta Law Offices helps find all liable parties and improves your chances of obtaining relief. We understand that medical mistakes cause devastating financial losses. That is why we provide prompt legal consultations you pay absolutely nothing unless we win your case. Call (508) 969-9505 for a free consultation or contact us online.