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Overloaded Truck / Unsecured

Trucks are a common sight on America’s roads. Trucks are frequently found on highways in Massachusetts. Truck accidents are an inevitable part of life and are responsible for many injuries each year. Overloaded trucks and trucks with unsecured or improperly secured cargo are responsible for a great deal of truck accidents. They can also cause damage to other cars on the road when pieces of cargo fall off of the truck and hit vehicles. Falling cargo can also cause accidents to vehicles behind trucks. Injuries from accidents caused by overloaded trucks or trucks with unsecured cargo can be serious and life-altering. These injuries can also be expensive and cause a great deal of stress in the lives of the victim and the victim’s family.

Overloaded trucks are difficult to operate safely. Overloaded trucks are prone to jackknifing, difficulty stopping, and other factors that make them unsafe for drivers on the road. Legal limits are set on the weight of cargo for trucks; when a trucking company fails to adhere to legal limits, they are liable for injuries or damage that result from the overloaded cargo. Additionally, cargo on trucks can be improperly secured due to human negligence or manufacturing issues with the equipment. A Massachusetts overloaded truck attorney can help assist you in finding out who is responsible for your injuries.

Accidents that result from overloaded trucks or trucks with unsecured cargo can cause devastating injuries and property damage. These injuries range in severity and can be catastrophic. Injuries from these accidents can cause victims to miss work, resulting in lost wages. These injuries can also lead to high medical and rehabilitative expenses. Someone who is injured by a truck may be entitled to compensation for the injuries, lost wages, and medical expenses caused by the accident. Even if the truck driver is unaware that debris fell from his truck and caused an accident, it is still possible to recover compensation for the injuries and medical expenses that this accident caused you.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident involving an overloaded truck, contact Massachusetts overloaded truck attorney Dan Cappetta today. Contacting a Massachusetts overloaded truck attorney as soon as you have been injured is important to make any lawsuit occur as smoothly and successfully as possible. Attorney Cappetta is a compassionate attorney who may be able to help you with your situation. Attorney Cappetta has spent years working in Massachusetts courts; he is not afraid to fight for you in a courtroom. Attorney Cappetta is also able to negotiate on your behalf with the truck company and insurance companies. Contact Massachusetts overloaded truck attorney Dan Cappetta today for a free consultation.