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Shrewsbury Personal Injury Lawyer

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts is a small town of about 36,000 and is located in Worcester County. Shrewsbury is a suburb of neighboring Worcester. Shrewsbury was formerly home to a booming leather industry and is currently home to a summer resort population on Lake Quinsigamond. Unfortunately, many Shrewsbury residents and visitors are injured each year in accidents. Personal injuries caused by accidents are often unexpected and can strike at any time and in any place. Shrewsbury residents who have been injured need a skilled and knowledgeable attorney on their side after an accident. Insurance companies can be confusing and the massive amount of paperwork to fill out can be daunting. Having an attorney on your side can ease considerable burdens following an accident.

Injuries from accidents can lead to many serious repercussions, including lost wages, medical expenses, and expensive rehabilitation costs. A Shrewsbury personal injury attorney can help you receive compensation for your injuries and lost wages. Shrewsbury personal injury attorney Dan Cappetta serves the residents of Shrewsbury and the entire Worcester County area. Attorney Cappetta has years of experience arguing in Massachusetts courts and negotiating with a variety of parties outside of the courtroom. If you have been injured, contact Attorney Cappetta for a free consultation.

Whether you have been injured due to negligent medical care, have suffered a serious dog bite from a neighbor’s pet or have sustained life-altering injuries from a construction accident, a Shrewsbury personal injury attorney may be able to help. Unfortunately, the world does not stop while a victim of an accident is injured and recovering. If you have been injured in an accident, it is imperative that you take quick action to protect the interests of both you and your family during this difficult period in your lives.

Time is not your friend after suffering a personal injury; witnesses’ memories fade over time and key evidence may be lost or misplaced. You need to obtain legal representation as soon as possible to ensure that those responsible for your injury will be the ones paying for your recovery. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a personal injury you need to pick up the phone and call Attorney Cappetta at 508-969-9505 for a free consultation. You also may choose to fill out an electronic form on his website instead. Attorney Cappetta will review the specific facts of your case with you and he will provide you with an informed assessment of your case’s likelihood of success. And remember, you will not have to pay a dime unless Attorney Cappetta wins your case. Call Shrewsbury personal injury attorney Dan Cappetta today.