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Southborough Personal Injury Lawyer

Back in 2009 CNN Money releases a list of “Best Places to Live: Money’s List of America’s Best Small Towns” which included 100 towns. Southborough, Massachusetts was number 31 on this list and the roughly 10,000 people who reside there can see why. The town is a lush environment and nearly 25% of the town’s land lies underwater because of the Sudbury Reservoir. Although the reservoir today is protected as a state park, the Sudbury Reservoir is still a reserve source of drinking water for the people of Massachusetts. Many of Sudbury’s residents who work in Boston like that Sudbury is suburban and distinct from the fast, urban environment of the city. This affluent suburb of Worcester County is crossed by Route 9, Route 495, Route 30 and Route 30 and the town has its own commuter rail station that people use to travel into Boston. Thousands of people pass through Southborough every day and where people go, accidents are likely to follow.

Attorney Daniel Cappetta began his legal career working in the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor. On behalf of Massachusetts, he argued before many courts across the state and went head to head with defense attorneys. Attorney Cappetta spent several years working for the people of the state and now he is continuing to help Massachusetts residents with their personal injury legal needs. Southborough personal injury attorney Dan Cappetta represents clients who suffered a sports injury, a slip and fall accident, a birth injury or a swimming pool accident, as well as others.

Personal injuries are often unanticipated and they can catch you off guard and require you to respond very quickly. More serious accidents will require extensive medical care and often are followed by months of physical therapy. You may not be able to work a normal schedule or you may not be able to work at all. There is a serious issue if your expenses are increasingly while your income is staying the same or decreasing. Obtaining the services of a skilled attorney is the best step you can take in an attempt to minimize the financial consequences of your personal injury. Southborough personal injury attorney Dan Cappetta works hard to ensure his clients receive a favorable result after an accident or injury. He has two offices located in Framingham and Natick which are only a short distance from Southborough.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a personal injury you need to pick up the phone and call Attorney Cappetta at 508-969-9505 today. Attorney Cappetta will discuss your case with you during your free consultation. He will provide you with his best assessment as to whether or not you have a winnable claim. You may also choose to fill out an electronic form on his website instead of calling. You really have nothing to lose by contacting Attorney Cappetta as you will never be charged a cent unless he is successful in winning your case. Do not wait any longer and take the first steps toward a hopefully speedy and full recovery.