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Supermarket and Retail Stores

Supermarkets and retail stores are frequent destinations for residents in the Commonwealth. The bustling towns and cities of Massachusetts have a variety and a plethora of such stores that sell the necessities of everyday life. However, because these stores are such popular destinations and such a part of the everyday routine for people in Massachusetts, many injuries occur on the premises of these stores. Under Massachusetts law, supermarket owners and operators are legally obligated to ensure that their property is reasonably safe for customers, visitors and members of the general public. When they fail to take appropriate precautions that ensure customers have a safe shopping experience, they can be held liable for the injuries that occur.

Due to many factors, supermarket and retail stores can be hazardous places for customers. Whether the problem is an overly wet floor after it has been mopped, improper signage, a leaky refrigerator, or a spill, slip and falls are a common occurrence in these stores. Slip and fall accidents can cause broken bones, sprains, nerve damage, or head injuries.

Other factors in a supermarket or retail store may lead to injuries. For example, boxes or loose merchandise in aisles, precariously positioned merchandise on shelves, damaged floors, poor lighting, damaged steps, or missing handrails can all cause injuries to customers or employees. Common injuries caused by these and other improper factors in stores can include broken bones, nerve damage, back injuries, or head injuries, among others.

Injuries that occur in supermarket and retail stores can create serious financial hardships for victims and their families. For example, medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and other financial burdens can create significant stress and cause many issues for victims and their families. Additionally, some victims suffer significant pain and suffering as a result of their injuries.

Anyone that has suffered an injury in a supermarket or retail store needs a Massachusetts retail store attorney. Negotiations, trials, and dealing with insurance companies are part of life for Massachusetts supermarket attorneys. The expertise and skills that a Massachusetts retail store attorney can bring to the table can reduce the stress and anxiety associated with supermarket and retail store injuries.

Attorney Cappetta is a Massachusetts supermarket and retail store attorney that can help you and your loved ones after an injury. Contact Attorney Cappetta today for a free consultation of your situation. Attorney Cappetta can negotiate and advocate on your behalf and may be able to help secure a favorable result for you and your loved ones.