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What to Do After a Car Accident?

Cappetta Law Offices is a firm dedicated to personal injury law. Knowing that car accidents are unexpected and stressful, we take the burden off your shoulders so all you have to do is recover. Consultations are always free and we never charge any fees unless we recover compensation for you. Our Natick and Framingham offices are dedicated to serving accident victims in Middlesex County and other areas of Massachusetts.

Have an Action Plan

Prepare a mental or physical checklist in case of a crash. This way, you are not totally dependent on your mental faculties when it happens. First, equip your car with the proper supplies in case of an accident. Some you may want to keep in close proximity; others can be stored in the trunk. Emergency items may include:

  • Set of cones, warning triangles
  • Emergency flares to alert traffic
  • Emergency kit in glove compartment
    • Pen and paper to take notes
    • Disposable camera to take photos
    • Card listing medical allergies, conditions
    • List of contact numbers for local police, sheriff
    • Optional fill-in-the-blank accident information form
At the Scene of an Accident

Pull over to the side of the road or away from oncoming traffic. Try to breathe normally and remain calm. Turn on hazard lights or warning signs to alert traffic. Mentally check for injuries. Do not move if you feel any pain or discomfort; call an ambulance to be safe. Determine if there are any passengers or other drivers who require emergency medical care. Even if the accident is minor, call the police. Do not leave the scene until you have filed a full accident report.

Limit Your Discussion to the Accident

When an accident first happens, you do not have to apologize or admit liability. Blurting out assumptions may offer temporary relief, but come back to haunt you. Remember that you still do not know what happened. An accurate assessment of damage and injuries requires time. Even when police arrive, try to think before answering questions or giving opinions. Only discuss the accident with the police and your insurance agent. Always carry proof of insurance with you.

Get Relevant Facts and Information

This is where pen and paper come in handy. Your smartphone may also have a recording device that allows you to tape notes. From exchanging information with other drivers and making your own observations, you should be able to note the following facts after an accident:

  • Driver name, address
  • Phone number, email
  • Driver’s license number
  • Driver license plate number
  • Insurance company, policy number
  • Other vehicle identification numbers
  • Description of car year, make, model, color
  • Exact location of accident and how it happened
  • Specific damages to each vehicle, witness statements
  • Name on auto registration if different than driver’s (relationship)
Photograph and Thoroughly Document the Accident

Take pictures of any damage and the scene of the crash. These should provide the general context of the accident in making your case to a claims adjuster. Talk to bystanders and witnesses and get their contact information for future reference. Keep all copies of any correspondence related to the car accident, including police reports, witness statements, and miles driven to treatment or therapy. Obtain copies of all hospital or medical bills, document lost work, and keep a journal of any pain or discomfort you may feel after the crash. Keep a copy of any doctor’s appointments, even if they are for a routine checkup.

Call a Personal Injury Lawyer to Deal With Insurance Companies

Immediately after an accident, call personal injury lawyer such as Daniel J. Cappetta for help. At Cappetta Law Offices our consultation is always free and you are never required to pay any fees up front. Do not sign any waivers or give any statements without consulting an attorney first. Once you are represented, insurance companies can no longer limit their liability for your harm. Attorney Cappetta fights for your interests so you do not feel pressured to accept an inadequate offer. He will deal with the insurance adjusters and other parties on your behalf. Cappetta Law Offices is always available to answer your questions and address your concerns. We are dedicated to helping you obtain the most possible compensation for your injuries and getting you back on your feet. You pay absolutely nothing unless we recover compensation for you. Call (508) 969-9505 for a free consultation or contact us online.